Our Vision Statement

on a journey with the living Christ

Our Mission Statement

to call and nurture individuals into a community of missional disciples living a relational lifestylegiving an incarnational witness

Our Values

Motivated by the amazing grace and mercy of God that through Jesus Christ and His love for us on the cross redeemed us and brought us into his body the church, we desire to order our lives as missional disciples to be:

     focused on the Word of God.

     worshiping Jesus Christ and Him alone.

     practicing biblical stewardship as we live in the promise of faith.

     living the life of prayer as we draw closer to God.

     joined in a community of faith.

     using our gifts in mission and ministry.

Our Strategies

In order that everyone at West Hills can make a passionate commitment to live a life of Missional Discipleship, we encourage you to:

     gather into a covenant group.

     get equipped for spiritual service on a ministry team.

     find the Spirit's empowerment in our worship celebration.

     experience God's call and be sent out on a mission team.

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