Welcome to West Hills Church!

We talk about West Hills being a "Mission Church."  What does that mean?

Everyone understands that the world today is rapidly changing. Unfortunately, the church has not changed its understanding of itself.  Too many times what we experience in church is the church that functioned beautifully in the 1950's or the 1970's.  And too many churches that have tried to "update" their approach have turned to "marketing" and "consumer friendly approaches."

How do we offer a changeless message in a rapidly changing world? We believe that God has a "mission purpose" for every church in the world today. It does not begin at our "door step" as we leave our building. It begins in every moment of worship, in every program of ministry and in every heart God touches.

"As the Father has sent me... so I am sending you."

Jesus says this to his disciples in John 20:21. It tells us we are to go in the same manner that Jesus came to His world. We really are His "ambassadors" with a message to proclaim!  Whether inside the church building, outside on the door step or on a far corner of the world (which would include Omaha - if you lived somewhere else!), we are to take seriously God's call to "Go!"

Gather... Equip... Empowered... Called & Sent...

And so Gather into covenant groups that we live in the fellowship and support of the Body of Christ. We Equip our selves for ministry seeking to serve God in one of the church's ministries, through our Mission Partners, and through our life at work an in this community. We seek the   Holy Spirit's Empowered presence in worship and in our daily lives that we would act and   think out of the Lord's power not our own. We listen in prayer and daily living that we might hear God's Call and be Sent into the world to serve and live in Jesus' name.

...on a Journey with the living Christ!

So come and see what this journey is like!

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Welcome to West Hills Church!