Children In Worship

Children In Worship:

It is a joy to our West Hills family to gather with all generations to worship Jesus.  We believe that God put wiggles and giggles in His small image bearers, and He is neither offended nor distracted by sound and movement, but delights in their presence.  So do we!

We offer some worship resources at the main entrance to the sanctuary to help your children engage with the worship time.  There are two styles of worship bulletins that correspond to the sermon text, small worship bags with quiet activities to help keep hands active so minds can focus on the message, and a page for taking notes and doodling while they listen.

Feel free to quietly talk through the service with your children.  This creates an atmosphere of curiosity and engagement.  They may need help to follow the order of worship, to understand what is happening, or to find and follow along with the scripture reading. 

If you need to take your children out for a bit, please do bring them back in!  While they are taking a break, both the glass quiet room and large gathering area outside the sanctuary allow you to see and hear the service.  The sermons are also available each week on the website if you need to listen again later. 

We believe that God uses our time together in His presence to transform each of us.  May each of our lives be transformed as we worship together!