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The mission of West Hills Church:

On a journey with the living Christ; connecting with God, others and the world.

The first part of our mission statement (On a journey with the living Christ) is the former vision statement of the church. This statement encompasses the past and the present and will serve as a guiding principle for the future of West Hills Church. The statement reminds all of us that our relationship with Jesus is a journey of faith throughout our lives. No matter where we find ourselves on this journey, we seek to treat one another with grace.

The second part of the mission statement is a discipleship plan or path because each phrase is meant to convey action and steps on our journey. The phrase “connecting with God,” is meant to delineate the centrality and the importance of both private and corporate worship in our lives. Christ centered, Biblically focused and joyful worship has always been a core value at West Hills and this phrase is meant to cement that core value. The phrase also means that we recognize and place a high value on our worship service, not only for our members and friends, but also for people who are searching for the truth in Jesus Christ.

The phrase “connecting with Others,” is meant to highlight the importance of striving to live out authentic relationships with other people. The first step in this process may be to connect with others at fellowship events which we call Connection Points. An additional step would be to take a Get Connected Class which is our new member class. However, “connecting with Others,” will most fully be lived out by joining a Connection Group. A Connection Group is a small group model based off the Sunday message and the questions which are printed in the bulletin. Connection Groups will meet for a specific amount of time; anywhere from eight to ten weeks, three times a year. The hope is that people will find a lifelong connection with others in these groups and stay with the same group for years, but it is not required.

The phrase “connecting with the World,” reaffirms West Hills’ core value of being involved actively in God’s mission. We connect with the world when we are involved in mission. Mission means living out our faith both inside and outside the walls of West Hills. Connecting with the world is a call to be the hands and feet of Jesus in this world and to make our life a mission.


If you have any questions about our mission statement or what we believe at West Hills, please contact our pastor below.

Interim Pastor
Deena Candler
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Phone:402-391-8788 ext. 1002
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Growing up in the suburbs of Denver, Deena's family only attended church on Easter, so she and her siblings were sporadic in their attendance at Sunday school. As she entered high school, through the love and care of some adults in her neighborhood, she began attending the Presbyterian Church. There, she encountered people who cared about her, shared their brokenness with one another, and who were excited about their faith. She became hungry for what they had and was introduced, through their love, to a relationship with Jesus Christ. At West Hills, there is no one better to lead our Caregiving ministry! She calls on people in the hospitals, counsels, helps with connection groups and Deacons, preaches and teaches. In addition, if there's ever a prank going on at West Hills, Deena is likely behind it. She cares deeply, but also tells some great jokes!
Employed at West Hills since...
I have one son, Kelsey, age 25. I adopted him from Honduras when he was a baby. I have one grandson, Antonio, who is four years old. His name means
Best thing about your job
The variety! I get to do everything and am never bored! I love to study and teach Bible, preach and spend time one-on-one with people. Every day is different.
SCRIPTURE: Ephesians 2:8-9; SONG: Be Thou My Vision; MOVIE: Places in the Heart; BOOK: The Cost of Discipleship; SNACK: Reese's Nutrageous Bar and Thomas Sweet Blend In
Something that gets on your nerves
Oakland Raiders fans
Some hobbies/passions
reading, football (Denver Broncos!), my grandson, being outside, travel, Latin America, dogs, and the Greek Bible
Something people may not know about you
When I was in high school, my plan was to become an agronomist and work in Latin America. I have also gone skydiving... and would love to go again. I love water parks.
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