June 21, 2020

March 17, 2020
Addendum to the WHC Response Plan initially posted on 3/14/20


  • The restrictions in this plan will remain active until further notice
  • The WHC Session will review these restrictions on a monthly basis and will communicate changes by the fourth Monday of the Month

 Restricted Activity at WHC Facility

  • All events and meetings (except funerals and weddings) will move to an online / phone basis or will be canceled until WHC receives further direction from the DCHD, the CDC, or another governmental agency.
    • Funerals and weddings will not exceed 9 participants
  • Only essential business will take place at the WHC facility
  • Only essential staff (and designated volunteers) will be admitted into the building
    • Key card access for Members and FoF will be suspended

 WHC Staff

  • Will observe social distancing recommendations including:
    • Avoiding gatherings of 10 or more people
    • Maintaining 6 feet of separation in all circumstances, including live meetings
    • Avoiding entering one another’s office space
    • Meeting virtually when possible

 WHC Activity Away from the WHC Facility

  • Any gatherings coordinated by WHC should take place virtually or over the phone
  • If essential church business must take place in a home or public place, the gathering may not exceed 9 participants
  • Relational and pastoral care should take place virtually or over the phone. Church staff or volunteers should not visit hospitals or care facilities

 Further Action

  • If local or federal government agencies further restrict social interaction, the Session will close the church to everyone except essential maintenance staff
To view the complete plan with addendum click here: WHC Response Plan with 3-17-20 Addendum

March 14, 2020 at 6:33 p.m.

Worship Canceled

Dear West Hills Community,

Your Session has been hard at work creating our response to the Coronavirus. The attached Response Plan clarifies our path forward, and I encourage you all to read it. Please direct your questions to , and our staff and volunteers will do our best to address them quickly. As a part of our deliberations we have canceled worship and all activities for tomorrow, Sunday 3/15. Many in our church family are at high risk for critical complications associated with the Coronavirus, and we are all being encouraged to do our part to reduce its spread. For now, it seems that the best way we can show our love and care for one another is to take a break from being together.

Of course, this is a rapidly changing situation. We will maintain communication with local and federal agencies as we continue on our journey with the living Christ. We will continue to communicate via email, our website, our Facebook page @westhillschurchomaha, and even phone and ‘snail’ mail! At this point we’ve only canceled this Sunday’s activities. Going forward, it’s likely that our ministry will be a mix of ‘business as usual’ and creative new approaches to discipleship, community, and mission. In the midst of all this confusion and stress, I find it deeply encouraging to remember that, “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.” Our circumstances may require us to shift how we engage in ministry, but nothing changes the power and love of our God.

I hope these words find you well, and that we will be in contact with one another soon.

Yours in the strong name of Jesus,


See the West Hills Church response plan here: WHC Response Plan