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Michael Alfieri

Michael Alfieri

Director of Church Administrationoffice: 402-391-8662 x1008
Employed at West Hills since...
Becky is my wife; my living proof of a loving God. We have four sons: Ian, Isaac, Michael, and Christopher who defy the laws of space and time by making me feel young, yet accelerating my aging process. Our house is basically a zoo (...besides the boys! :) ) with a dog, cat, rabbit, turtle, parakeets, fish, gecko, and others in the pet category.
Best thing about your job
knowing what I do is in service to God, and for a caring Christian community
SCRIPTURE: Luke 10:41-42
Something that gets on your nerves
not being able to do everything at once
Some hobbies/passions
time with my family
Something people may not know about you
I had a brief pastoral ministry of my own as Brother Sunshine in the play
Your happy place
trusting in God and knowing He has a plan